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z42: Self

The world wide web is here (it's been here for almost 25 years now - or longer; depends to WHICH VERSION of the "truth" YOU listen to. So: Who are you? Who will you be "on-line" ? For example, the creature that you see before you: he's also known as: Jim (in a *certain* environment) " the poet 't' " - note the quotes marks Dad (to a certain pair of other people) "Harley" (Harlequin J. Parrot; also as "one of the pirates in back ground") "Zek" (a blue-grey alien; rather thin ;) "Poppi" THE Richard T. , Donald Ingersol, etc, etc, etc. We each create as we grow up our own versions of our selves. Either in play, in work, our family, groups that we belong to, and of course on line. Who are you now ? Who are you *yet* to be ? Anyway, that's a start....

The New World

(Shaping/Making/Dreaming) So, how do you see yourself? And of course, how do you wish to be "seen" ? As we go forward in this thing "life" (and likewise in our various "lives" in the V/R of the computer, games, forums, professional societies, family, .......... friends society ........... Something to think about.

Limits to Freedom

(Self Expression) We've all experienced social pains in situations in which we didn't "quite fit in", or: social joys of being with our friends and such, and: on-line ? We now now that "whatever is human" can extend into the cyber world -- and not just on tv/film/etc good | evil friendship | abusive relationships etc. Even in "cyber form" we can have our own selves as the un-diminishable basis of how we project ourselves. Just as the computer is an intellegence amplifier it also is an infinitely change-able mold-able present-able ....... able SELF EXPRESSER of all possible versions of our selves.


Music, danse, song, acting, - the aesthetics science, technology, writing, - creating person-hood family-member clique-component citizen human Earthling cybre-form






? (no real answers - only more questions)