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The Fezzes Internationale Paviliion

Fezzes in Art & Technology

(where in people (robots? aliens?) are encouraged to create an artwork relating to the wonders of the Fezze! Using mainly: The Scanner &/or Digital/Analogue Camera PC Paint &/or InkScape, PaintShop, PhotoShop, etc Text and of course: z^i^x (creativity to the power of the imagination to the power of the unknown Y ) Pre-requisites: -[Computer Savvy 101]- -[HTML 101]- -[Web Mastering 101]- ) See also: -[Fezzes: wiki]- -[Fezzes: wiki]- -[Fezzes: wiki]- On this page: {Intro} {Getting Organised} {The Fezze Project} {} {} {} {} {} {Final Presentation} {Resources} {Notes} {Links} {References} Next: ---------------------------------------------------- --- --- --------------- INTRODUCTION ... ---------------- --- --- ----------------------------------------------------


This project is designed to introduce several ideas at once: 1) Creating an artwork (could be just as art, or cover art for a game, or splash page for a web site) 2) Mainly a static image (ie, no animation at this point). 3) A supporting web page on which it can be viewed Next: ---------------------------------------------------- --- --- --------------- GETTING ORGANISED ---------------- --- --- ----------------------------------------------------

Gettting Organised

One of the main problems on any realistic project is ALL of the stuff that you develop as you are working on it. For example, the director might want (for WHAT-ever reason!) a close-up of the Fezze's tassel with some animation or some "fezze-like music, like you know in that movie", etc. Thus, a good way is to use folders (tech-speek: "sub-directories") to organised things: My Documents Tech-101 Fezze_project When you scan in images of course, they all tend to get "muddied" and such; ie, cut up, reduced in scale, down from BMP 24-bit colour to JPG Black & White. Thus: You need to have TWO MAIN MODES -- ARCHIVE and WORKING And that goes back to how you organise your disk space; eg, My Documents Tech-101 Fezze_project html -- these are just examples Images_SOURCES -- raw video &/or gifs swiffer -- flash, etc... sound -- music, sfx, etc Scrap-images -- miscellaneous stuff _PHOTO-ARCHIVE_ video files -- stuff off the camera/scanner here always try to capture with the MAX resolution (eg, 24-bit colour BMP's rather then JPG/GIF) _AUDIO-ARCHIVE_ audio files -- usually RAW studio, downloads, or live sound files - almost always a MIX of formats. Now this is the hardest discipline to learn: =========================================== Drag and drop - ie: COPY the files from your ARCHIVE to your WORKING AREA. Try to NEVER touch/modify/delete ANY files in the ARCHIVE. === We all do it, but we live to regret it ohh, too soon! Anyway, here's what i have on my disk: My Documents ___xtal___ -- my HOME directory: Crystal Power!!!! 42 my working directories art - a main folder iconoplex-anim-01 - project folder g-iplx-anim-0120.BMP g-iplx-anim-0130.BMP ... etc ... films (hollywood films, etc) tech d3 - doom3 folder jazz-room-01.MAP - a doom 3 project file flash - flash folder, stuff, etc ... etc ... __PHOTO_HOLD__ 2005-02-19-shadows-and-fountains 2005-02-22-iq-and-st 2007-03-28 ** not a real good name! 2007-04-21-fountains FIRSTcut ** Really a bad name!! THIRD-cut-WALKING-etc a bit better music -- ??? SECOND-cut-SAFEWAY-etc 2007-07-15-summer-trip-to-galvaston-island varius-cuts-ARCHIVE _MY_AUD_ARCHIVES_ jack-hammer-drill robot-sounds blocks-sfx - "blocks" was a film project 2007-may29 pictorial-semiotics - ?? must mean *something* zoo-spring-2005 - i added the date later You get the idea: You will tend to accumulate SO much "good" stuff that it not only tends to get lost, but of course DUPLICATED. As you work more and more the computer will begin to conform to how your mind works, and of course, you'll try and mirror this into web pages that are "out there" for the world to see. Another thing is that by having things on-line you can get to them from pretty much anywhere. Here's one of my resource pages (so that i don't have to remember EVERYTHING - like that's going to happen ;) Most of my TECH pages are out there. Of course keeping your DISK DRIVE and your WEB PAGES sync'd is the major headache of the ages. And then hopefully they are all sync'd with your brain! Onward!!! Next: ---------------------------------------------------- --- --- --------------- THE FEZZE PROEJCT ---------------- --- --- ----------------------------------------------------

Final Presentation

And now our feature presentation:

Behold the Mighty Fezze!!

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