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Maths Appreciation

Proposed: To develop a course called "Maths Appreciation", based loosely on the idea of "Art Appreciation", "Danse Appreciation", etc. Primary doc: [Math appreciation doc] (in progress)

Other Stuff on this subject

From Cynthia Ledbetter, Sunday March 19th. Good morning to you all, This evening Dr David Daniel will be presenting “Science and Math Education from a Global Perspective” from 6:00 – 7:30 PM in the UT-Dallas Conference Center. Science and mathematics are the foundations of technology, engineering, business, and nearly all management systems that affect our institutions and daily lives. The U.S. has enjoyed a position of global pre-eminence in these areas for the past 50 years, but that position is threatened. Why? In large part because emerging countries that we used to regard as “third world,” principally in Asia and Eastern Europe, understand the significance and value of strong math and science education. We will explore causes and solutions. Come enjoy participating in some mathematical thinking activities – ideas you might use tomorrow! Please share the information about this event and encourage your colleagues, students, friends, and families to attend. Admission is free and this event is open to the public. Check our website, [] Also see" [for a campus map]. We look forward to seeing you tonight! Cynthia E. Ledbetter, Ph.D. Head, Science/Mathematics Education The University of Texas at Dallas 972-883-2496 (phone) | 972-883-6796 (fax) | Science Education...Newton would have understood the gravity of the situation.

Dr. Eamonn Kelly

"Cognitive NeuroScience and Mathematics Education" (Getting in on the Ground Floor) Tuesday, March 2-4pm - TI Auditorium (ECSS 2.102) Dr. Kelly will present a summary of the emergence of a subfield in maths education at an intersection with cognitive neuroscience. Some of the findings will be presented. The talk will also describe national and international efforts that are a part of a growing support network in the endeavor. Dr. Anthony Eamonn Kelly has authored numerous referred journal articles, chapters, and monographs, including an OCED publication on brain research, which appears in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and Japanese. Since 2004, he has given numerous national and international presentations including invited addresses on design research at Oxford, Sweden, Singapore, Ireland, and the Netherlands. He has also addressed the French Academie des Sciences on some of the ducational research implications of cognitive neurosciences in 2005. More info: Contact Metta Alsobrook at 972.883.4154 visit: []

Chris Rogers

"Using LEGO Brics and Robotics: Engineering Eduation for All" Tuesday, April 4, 2006, 2-4pm ECSS 2.102 Dr. Rogers will present the work done at Tuft's Centre for Engineering Educationj Outreach with LEGO (r), in developing ROBOLAB; an educational toolkit developed at Tufts with the support of National Instruments and LEGO(r). Dr. Chris Rogers, recognised by the NSF for his work in making enginnering accessible and exciting to students of all ages, is invovled in six different research areas: particle-laden flows, tele-robotics and controls, slury flows in chemical-mechanical planarisation, the engineering of musical insturments, measuring flame wshapes of couch fires, & elementary school engineering education. {Back to the TOP of this page}