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Literature Studies:  mfa: Inter-disciplinary studies in Art & Technology (atech)
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The Dictionary Problem

In [Maclin, 1972] the problem is highlighted from the very beginning. The TOC (table of contents) shows: 1. Jambo 2. Siku za Wiki 3. Sokoni 4. Sokoni Tena 5. Jikoni 6. Chakula cha Jioni ... Which we might "guess" at (HUM (dictionary) x ABS --> Introduction Cooking in Swahili Beef Textured Beef-like things Fish Fresh-caught fish ...


(this section only) Latin Dictionary (Cassell's) DD: 473'C344 Maclin, Alice ()1972). Useful Swahili - Swahili for home & garden. DD: 496.39283.M165U



(this section only) Griffin, Clive D. (1988). Music Matters: Jazz. DD: 781.6509'G851J