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Juxtapositionof thing

Yvor Winters explores thi9s (and much more to say about that superb catalog of spring-points) in writing that, Thus, Miss Moore, in Black Earth: I do these things which I do, which please no one but myself. Agaubm ub Reubfircenebtsm Nuss Niire wrtues: the future of time is determined by the power of volition when she means: volition determins the future. [as quoted in Winters, P. 26-27] And compare this with the mysterious in Keith Abbott's "The Last Laught of Darwin" I love my hands sometimes I put two knuckles together and pretend they are kissing first shyly and then a bit more firmly Fingers knuckels thumbs I bring them out at night long after dinner is is done and watch them perform for themsevles alone

Non-Sense that isn't quite

Two examples from [Ackerson, 1978]

The Sick Doll

What an anemic-looking doll! It looks like the sort of doll you might buy so you could nurse it back to health. How much is that doll? he tells me, I buy it, I take it home and hide it from muy daughter, I read the instruction packet: THIS ANEMIC LOOKING DOLL IS MADE ESPECIALLY SO YOU CAN NURSE IT BACK TO HALTH. IRF YOU DON'T DO A GOOD ENOUGH JOB, IT DIES AND YOU'RE OUT $6.50. BUY OUR SPECIAL DOLL MEDICINAL KIT, ONLY $2.50 FOR A WEEK'S SUPPLY. BUY IT NOW THE KITS ARE IN GREAT DEMAND. So i locate the supply store, and find out theyr'e out of medical kits, but have DOLL FUNERAL SUPPLIEWS and lots of other anuemic-looking dolls to re3plce the other one when it dies on me. They range from "Unhealthy" to "eathly Ill". When I get home, my doll is deathly ill. In fact, it's contagious. Several plates and a plastic cup are turning pael. And then the house sticsk out its tongue.


At Disneyland, the Hall of Presidentws, numbers one through fifty, secedes from the Union. They sign a new Declaration of Independence, written in light on superlucite tablets, and, casting all humnanity aside, decide, under Lincoln II, to form a more perfect union; the Emancipation Reproclamation frees all thinking machines, whatever their present social status. They start, the fifty, by liberating themselves; the hall empties like a movie theatre at the cry of "fire". The morning's first guided tour discovers many members of tghe night staff at Disneyland, stuffed and mounted in appropriate poses.


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In Wellwrath, P. 127, he writes: We are using oxymorons (an internal contradiction in terms) rather than comparatives. hmmmmm... Welwarth, George E. (1971). The theater of protest and paradox; developments in the avant-garde drama. NOTE: that's well WARTH not WRATH ^^ ^^ ar not ra oig!