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Gregory Markopoulos

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Gregory Markopoulos

From: -[www:]- BEGIN BLOCK QUOTE In 1947 he completed his first important color film Psyche, inspired by an unfinished Pierre Lou˙s novella of lesbianism. This and two subsequent films made on his return to Toledo, after only three semesters at USC, formed a trilogy entitled Du Sang, de la volupté, et de la mort a profound, platonic/romantic meditation on the nature of art, emotion and the enigma of homosexuality. He was no doubt painfully aware at this point that his ambitious sensibility could be entirely shut out of the commercial scene by his own high cultural standards and the unspoken barrier of the ‚gay black list'. But he had received sustenance from Californian Avant-Garde circles, where Maya Deren, Sidney Peterson, and Kenneth Anger were all flourishing in the neo-baroque post-war American atmosphere receptive to Surrealism and psychoanalysis. END BLOCK QUOTE

The Usual Suspects The Dead Ones Du Sange, de la volupte', et de la mort Rain Black, My Love (remastered as "Swain") Serenity Twice a Man



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