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Elena Garro

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Elena Garro

[Stoll, 1990] BEGIN BLOCK QUOTE Drama: THe Lady on Her Balcony" "La SeNora en su balcon" (1960), P. 42 in Stoll Prof. Garcia (pedantically) The roundness of the world. The world is round, like a flatened orange, ... and ... it spins, on its own axis. Clarita -- Oh! Clariata at 50 -- Don't believe him, Clarita. He doesn't think! He repeats what he says like a parrot. Clarita to Clarita at 50 - No, I don't believe him. We would be like seeds, all shut in, without any clouds, without a sun. Garcia: The anticnets believed the world was flat and that it ended at the colums of Herculues ... Clar - Hercules! H-E-R-C-U-L-E-S (she counts on her fingers) eight letters! L-E-T-T-E-R-S. Seven leters! Teacher! How come we have to have seven letters to say letter! G: Because the word "letter" has 7 letters. C - but sys does a "letter" have seven letters? G - Don't change the subject! Come on now, what is the world like? C - The world is beautiful! It has golden oranges, round and flatened. And it also has golden columns... G - You didn't understand! END BLOCK QUOTE -- [Stoll, 1990]


Garro, Elena 1997). First Love & Look for My Obituary. Translated by David Unger. Garro, Elena (1969). Recollection of things to come. Translated by Ruth L. C. Simms. Stoll, Anita K. (1990). A Different Reality - Stuides on the Work of Elena Garro. SEE ALSO: Richard Callan ESP: Gloria Orenstein Gabriela Mora ??spa??


STOLL's extract of "Balcony"]-