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(zix-42 Branch)

Geek Island #070

(various O/S code projects

Geek Island (insula) #070

(various O/S code projects) I (sic) was looking for vid/aud/etc s/w - pref: pub domain or free-use (ie, zero cost - but would be willing to lend my (ahem) "talents"... coder - c, realtime, d/b design, etc. texter - word, etc. mainly notepad, and vanilla html art thing - studio arts, some digital, d3, etc. formal tester - systems, IT/SIT/CAT/etc, unit (etc), etc., (etc). (frank)


google: "open source" "video editor" one entry gave: -[PiTiVi project]- @zix42:begin thing pitivi // // note: there is NO specification for the zix42 language; why should there be? of-is 9x0 //_________________________________________________________________________________________42_ @z42Title: Brandon J Lewis' "PiTiVi" Project @z42Url: ??url?? @z42Begin Header-info Title PiTiVi, an Open Source Video Editor Student Brandon J Lewis Mentor Edward Hervey Abstract @z42End Header-info @zix42Begin sub-window PiTiVi is an open source, non-linear, non-destructive video editor that shows great promise. While it is currently barely usable, it has the potential to be transformed into a robust, powerful media authoring tool. I want to help 'kickstart' the project by implementing the minimum set of features needed to attract a community of users, and be considered a functional video editor. PiTiVi is designed to be flexible enough to offer at least two UI views, called 'Timelines'. Currently these are 'Simple', aimed at novice users, and 'Advanced', offering more professional features. Most of the features proposed here would be implemented in the Simple Timeline, and would include: editing and trimming support, project file load/save support, and transitions. Optional goals would include a media capture interface, jog/shuttle support, and contributions to the Advanced Timeline. @zEnd sub-window @zix:end thing pitivi END DATA FRAGMENT ; glyph reeds as "philip glass, symphony #2, 2nd movment; approx 9:32".