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The Borges Library

(zix-42 Branch)

A web site dedicated to all things inspired by the genius of Argenina's "Rod Serling"... Jorge Luis Borges (pronounced: HOR-hay Loo-eece Bohr-hays) emule: FrankVanPelt AT techie DOT com NEW -- -[Elena Garro]- (exitentialist!) -[Tea and Lessons.]- -[Literature]- -[SciFi as Literature]- (SF) NEW: -[Matrix Forum]- (via quik-LINK: -[Matrix TEXT]- (sf-film in LIT) -[Art Therapy]- -[beskonistE']- (inifinitists) -[Geek World]- (techie things) An on-line bookquiz: -[Which book are you?]- See also other sites in this web ring: -[Art Squeek]- -[Gaia studies]- -[pkda2001]- (techie & gaming stuff) -[]- -[]- See also: -[]-